Dad Asks Parents Not To Take Their Children To See The Lion King

Dad Asks Parents Not To Take Their Children To See The Lion King

We all know the enjoyment of Disney films is not the preserve of children - hence Disney pub quizzes seem to be a thing these days.

However, one dad in New Zealand has taken his love for The Lion King a little far by asking other parents not to take their children to see the film after 5pm. 

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The dad, from Porirua in the North Island, took to Facebook on Tuesday to plead with other parents not to bring their little ones along to the cinema for evening screenings of the classic remake.

He said: "To all the parents in Porirua please do NOT take your kids to the movies tmrw night to watch lion king, it's the holidays so take them during the day while us adults are at mahi (work).

"After five is our time. I will have no dramas telling your tamariki (children) to shut the whakarongotai up if they're making unnecessary noise!! Don't ruin my time with mufasa and simbux. Said with love."

The post has since been liked more than 5,300 times and many people in the comments seemed to second the dad's message.


One person said: "Sorry kids. We waited too damn long for this. Stay home for the sake of all our inner children thanks. We will make it up to you with the screenings of Frozen 2, Moana 2, and so forth but Mufasa, Simba, Mulan and Ariel ... NAH stay home."

Another added: "I'm telling you what. When we go see this... if any child sings the songs out of tune or incorrect... there's going to be trouble!!"

Indeed, it seems the dad may not have been so adamant that children stay away from his screening if he didn't love the film quite so much.

Speaking to Seven Sharp, he said: "It's the all-time greatest movie ever created."

Unfortunately though, the dad wasn't so impressed with the remake, sharing a six out of 10 review on Facebook on Thursday - though he didn't indicate whether interruptions from children had anything to do with it.

He said: "The movie itself is pretty ooon in terms of graphics and scenes. I went in with the expectation that hopefully it's going to be like the original but If I am to be honest it wasn't quite there, the singing in it wasn't dawaaaaan!!

"They ruined my favourite childhood songs with all those trillywawahias. Beyoncé you are the queen of music don't get me wrong..... but not of the pride lands.

He continued: "Timon pumba and Zazu are crack up in the movie but adding new lines in it didn't really work for me but there's a few funny ones in there, I personally think they make the movie.

"Young Simbux was alright I guess but I personally liked him once he turned in to his fully grown form I don't wana spoil too much for those who haven't seen it but yee if u haven't seen it go watch it without the expectation that it's going to be the same as the original."

... And don't take your kids along in the evening, apparently.

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