Amazon Find | De-Stress Edition: Houseplants

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New Magnetized Planters Allow Your Garden to Levitate in the Air

  • A patented arrangement of magnets, coils, sensors and electronics in the base keeps it levitating in mid-air.
  • ✔Unique decoration, awesome gift. It is a magnetic magical floating bonsai pot , floating in the air ,rotating 360 degrees automatically when the power is turned on.It can be observed from different angles that plants can rotate in the air with funny dynamic.
  • ✔Light weight: made of resin, natural materials, environmentally . Easy to install , easy to maintenance.Suitable for small indoor potted plants / herbs.It works quiet and steady.
  • ✔Lovely look: Unique creative design, the flower pot looks like a suspended planet, very stylish and very cute gift for friends and lovers


Having a house plant is probably one of the hottest trends amongst millennials and other young people today, with social media becoming chock-full of people posting photos of their jungle-esque collection of aloes and ivy’s adorning their studio apartments.

As far as trends go, it’s probably one of the greenest, cheapest, most sustainable, and healthiest: house plants aren’t just there to beautify a home, although they do that in spades: house plants also have a host of physical and psychological benefits that we as people sorely need.

House Plants Make You Happy







Houseplants Give You Better Air to Breathe

Just because you live in a nice apartment doesn’t mean the air quality is good: according to the American Lung Association, indoor air can be very polluted, with many apartment buildings suffering from high levels of carbon monoxide, benzene, and in the case of older buildings, mold, and asbestos.

This deadly cocktail of toxicity, however, is pretty much nullified by the presence of house plants, which have been shown to decrease toxic air-borne pollutants in enclosed spaces by as much as 60%. They’re so effective, even NASA is experimenting with using plants in space stations.



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