High Heels Made Of Human Skin Are Now A Thing And They Cost $10,000


Many people love having plenty of shoes in the closet and there is no doubt that a great pair of shoes can make you feel good about yourself. As it turns out, there may even be something cooler than shoes. I’m talking about something unusual, human skin that extends from the leg down to the toe.

Have you ever wanted to wear something unusual in public, just to give people a good scare?

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If that thought appeals to you, we have something that is positively terrifying and it will certainly turn heads.

The hottest thing in style today is the ‘Skin Heel’, which is out of Montréal. It is the brainchild of Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, who are known as Fecal Matter.

You can find the brand name on Instagram and they have a number of disturbing pictures and videos of this shoe.


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Yes, they're walkable

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