MAKE UP - ACCESSORIES - PURE HONEY ® Silicone Makeup Sponge
MAKE UP - ACCESSORIES - PURE HONEY ® Silicone Makeup Sponge
MAKE UP - ACCESSORIES - PURE HONEY ® Silicone Makeup Sponge
MAKE UP - ACCESSORIES - PURE HONEY ® Silicone Makeup Sponge
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PURE HONEY ® Silicone makeup sponge

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PURE HONEY ® Silicone makeup sponge

Are you sick of wasting your expensive makeup? 
Are you annoyed that other Silicone Makeup Sponges can’t reach the corners of your face? 
Are you grossed out by all the bacteria left on your makeup sponge? 
Don’t worry! PURE HONEY ® designed a new makeup puff to help you solve these problems and more!

PURE HONEY ® Silicone makeup sponge non-porous and super flexible surface will not absorb your any foundation and greatly help you save a half of foundation instead of traditional makeup sponge. 
The silicone puff adopt bacteria-free silicone, it will be more hygienic-protected from any potentially harmful bacteria for your skin. So say goodbye to skin irritation caused by dirty sponges or brushes.

Material: Medical silicone +PU 
Color: Assortment of prints 
Size: 6.9*3.4*0.8cm 
Weight: 18g/pcs

Package Include: 
10 X silicone puffs(4 different color and Pretty prints)

How to Use: 
1. Apply a small amount of product directly to the Silicone Blender 
2. Use circular motions to distribute across your face, jaw and neck. 
3. Then dab repeatedly onto your skin to blend out the product and create a flawless finish. 
4.The precision tip will help you blend those hard to reach areas such as under your eyes and around the nose.

– Keep away from children and pets 
– Pay attention do not damage the surface. 
– For external use only. Once cracks or damage occur, replace to a new one. 
– Wash with soap and warm water. Air dry. 
– Do not store in direct sunlight

If any problem, please feel free to contact me. We promise to give you a satisfaction resolution.◆ BACTERIA-FREE PUFFS – 100% Environmental protection materials, the silicone makeup puff is designed for long lasting performance and is not tested on animals(Vegan friendly), soft , looks very shiny after the makeup.
◆ ZERO MAKEUP WASTE – Silicone sponge puffs made by waterproof surface does not absorb foundation, apply just a little bit of makeup on your skin and blend it by gently pressing on skin, allowing zero wastage,so that make the foundation sat on your skin well.
◆ EASY TO CLEAN – Just rinse with a little soap and water, so no germs, no mess, much more hygienic. You can Reuse it after quickly dry.
◆ GREAT COVERAGE – Special design,easy to reach every corner of your face,built to last, silicone puff blender works well with almost all foundation types(wet and dry foundation and liquid make-up), from cushions to powder, BB cream,etc.
◆ FRIENDLY REMINDER – Using directly, do not tear at this product. And it does work better on wet foundation than dry foundation.